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Epimedium Macun

100% Natur Aphrodisiakum

Do you want to make a surprise to your partner? To improve your sex life? Boost libido and your physical condition? To overcome sexual problems associated with erectile dysfunction or menopause? … to enjoy sex to the fullest? What is more natural! Sex is fun and a prerequisite for mental and physical health. Sex is right! Right that nature provides to all. And nature has taken care …


SkinTouch Kosmetik

A soft and perfectly natural touch of beauty

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects the body from the external environment and at the same time it regulates body temperature. The skin is constantly being regenerated, as everyday some cells die, whereas others are formed. A healthy skin is able to regenerate at a rapid pace and as a result it is always glowing and youthful…



100% handmade products – Inspiration + Design= Art

Handcrafted creations always stand out. They hide the passion of the artist to make something exceptional with his bare hands. The result is definitely a unique creation, a unique expression of art!  Every handmade product is handled with love and care, as it waits patiently for someone to cherish it…


Taste Hellas Ltd.


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Taste Hellas Ltd.
Blvd. P. Evthimyi 16A | BG-1000 Sofia

phone :+30 2313 052 103
e-mail: info@tastehellas.gr

Giorgos Dimitriadis

Register court: Sofia/Bulgarien
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